We and our shareholders invest in promising teams and technologies
that align with our net-zero vision

Capital is just the start

Promising partners and co-investors

We also offer access to our data science, engineering, and product design talents – the full technology suite.

Tech and energy expertise

Accelerated product-market-fit discovery

Access to our network and new markets

Going beyond just capital

Direct and deep value to digital energy challengers

Our dedicated investment team takes equity positions in high-potential teams and technologies under an integrated digital strategy. Then we provide our real magic value-add, a full gamut of supporting tech and business functions. From data science to branding & marketing.

Technology and energy expertise

We nurture the technologies that will realise our net-zero vision

  • Modular services that you can easily integrate into your product flows
  • Application and infrastructure design patterns that enable faster building of new functionalities and solutions
  • Access to our data science, software engineering, and product design knowhow

Accelerated product-market-fit discovery

We make products impact-oriented from their cores

  • Speedier go-to-market strategies for breakthrough technologies
  • Rapid conversion of innovative IP to scalable impact-oriented solutions and business models
  • Maximise the insights and value drawn from vast data

Network and new markets

We help our teams discover new possibilities and value opportunities

  • International network of business partners and channels
  • Company advisors covering climate tech to sustainable finance
  • Dedicated market research & intelligence function

Our USP to digital energy challengers

We harness corporate scale with startup speed

We are hiring

Be part of our great team, join us on the adventure

Together, we are pulling the net-zero energy transition forward through our ability to intelligently crunch numbers.