CCD’s shareholders invest in promising teams and technologies that align with the net-zero vision

Capital is just the start

Promising partners and co-investors

CCD offers access to a wide range of in-house competence, including data science, engineering, product design, along with energy and carbon markets expertise.

Tech and decarbonization expertise

Accelerated discovery of product-market-fit

Access to patient capital, and new market

Going beyond just capital

Offering deep value to decarbonization innovators

CCD’s dedicated in-house investment team takes equity positions in high-potential net-zero companies. Partners can also leverage CCD’s tech, data science, engineering, and branding & marketing expertise.

Technology and energy expertise

Nurture the technologies that will realise the net-zero vision

  • Modular technology and product offerings that are easy to integrate
  • Faster design and build of new functionalities, solutions, and applications
  • Access to in-house data science, engineering, and product design teams

Accelerated product and market-fit discovery

Make products more scalable and impact-oriented

  • Speedier go-to-market strategies for disruptive technologies
  • Rapid conversion of innovative IP to viable business models
  • Maximise value from user and market insights

Network and new markets

Help teams discover new possibilities and value opportunities

  • International network of business partners and channels
  • Company Advisors covering climate tech to sustainable finance
  • Dedicated market research & intelligence functions

CCD’s USP to digital energy challengers

We are hiring

Be part of our great team, join us on the adventure

Together, we are driving the global net-zero transition forward through our ability to build customer-centric innovative products