Climate Connect Digital leads with a portfolio of data science-driven products and solutions to improve technological and human landscapes.


Total Customer Renewables Capacity


Total Customer Peak Demand


Data processed on 40+ servers for Machine Learning


ML ops optimized to run and provide forecasts


Innovations leading to the post-2035 net-zero grid

Combining our continuous drive to develop intelligent software, with a synergistic technology M&A strategy, Climate Connect Digital is bringing to life the innovations that will help define energy in the post 2035 and radically improve planetary life.


We embrace technology as a value driver for the planet.

We are forming the best global crew of experienced leaders, dynamic young talent, and promising innovative businesses. Unifying the team and tech-stack to solve the world’s energy transition problems.


Climate Connect Digital is at the forefront of energy’s vitally-needed digital turn. Our portfolio of products and solutions will serve the technological, policy, and human landscapes of the net-zero ecosystem. Helping to enhance it for the planet, and society’s benefit”

Nitin Tanwar, CEO

Board of Advisors

Awards & Recognitions


Cleantech APAC-25 winner


US DoE National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) innovation – Finalist


India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) Innovation Awards 2021 – Winner ‘Smart Technology: Electricity – RE Integration’ category

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Together, we are pulling the net-zero energy transition forward through our ability to intelligently crunch numbers.