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Weather Tech

Weather is the new fuel

Energy supply and demand has always been influenced by the weather, and is becoming rapidly more so in the energy transition. Energy systems across the globe are increasingly sensitive to weather variability. With weather shaping generation from renewable sources such as solar and wind, and reshaping grid load and end-consumption, through extreme seasonal events such as rain storms.

In effect, for power in particular, weather is the beginning of the ‘electron journey’. So managing these energy systems on a day-to-day, and season-to-season basis has to start with the weather, particularly as energy-using industries accelerate towards maximum electrification.


Weather forecasting in the digital age.

Weather forecasting is the foundation stone for the product portfolio. The TropoSkope module is a specialized solution that provides weather parameters at enhanced resolution and accuracy – from 15-minutely as the baseline, right upto year-ahead. Enabling it to cater more directly to the energy sector’s needs.

For renewable generators it increases output predictability, scheduling precision, and so overall profitability. For grid operators it enables adaptive load management, supply & demand balancing, and so operational cost savings.

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